55' of Mathematical Awesomeness!

We're just warning you now... wonder and amazement may be two emotional responses evoked when you happen upon ArchiPURLago's Monkeypod tree sweater. It's 55' of mathematical awesomeness! Yes, you read that correctly, fifty-five feet!

The Fibonacci sequenced stripes, in bold sunny colors, span the entire length of one of the tree's longest branches, practically reaching out to touch you or touch your heart is more like it. And the installation had one of the volunteers, Rita Scott, an experienced climber, actually tying off and climbing up into the canopy to seam the final piece together!

See the finished piece and the all TheFuzz yarnbombs at the Honolulu Museum of Art's Spalding House until Art Spree, July 14th. The details, you'll find them here.

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