GO (green)

ArchiPURLago and grannydid a quick collaboration on this BikeBike rack so that a local reporter could tag along with us, and we're glad we did! Once ArchiPURLago saw the "GO" in the BikeBike racks, she couldn't unsee it (and did this Ready Set GO yarnbomb), so we did a bit of a visual pun and used green yarn to spell out GO and accented it with leaves, a tree, and a woodgrain patterned handlebar.

#ourkakaakowifi and TheFUZZ Hawaii

TheFUZZ was commissioned to do a yarnbomb for the launch of Our Kaka'ako WiFi (providing free high speed WiFi in Kaka'ako), and we cranked up the knitting machines to get it done on a tight timeline.

We commissioned Patrice Walker to use her phenomenal crochet skills to make a functional QR code panel (scan the code with a smartphone or tablet app, and it takes you to the Our Kaka'ako website). She's detailed the process on her blog, Yarn Over, Pull Through, and I'm looking forward to trying out the Fair Isle crochet method she used. Patrice has done a lot of Crochet By Numbers work, but this project was a little different for her and I appreciate her taking the time to show us how she planned and then executed the project!

ArchiPURLago has been having fun playing with reflective yarn - this photo shows the embroidery in indirect light. The first photo in this post shows the embroidery with flash photography, lighting up!

This was a fun project to take on, and we'll be taking advantage of the super high-speed wi-fi to post more photos from the scene! We've just started a Tumblr to make it easier to post photos on the fly, by the way (thefuzzhawaii.tumblr.com), and have been hashtagging Instagram and Twitter posts with #thefuzzhawaii to make it easier to find out what we've been up to.