A Knitted QR Code?! Now that's High Tech.

Did you get a chance to check out the Tattoo Honolulu Exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Art yet? If you did then you may have noticed one—soon to be two—of the Chinese horse statues greeting visitors is wearing a beautiful lei and a knitted saddle in honor of the horses that carry the Hawaiian pā`ū riders. But instead of carrying a lady, this horse is carrying information—and some high tech info at that!

It's a knitted QR code! Scan the code with your smart phone and it will send you here, to TheFuzz blog, where you'll find info for TheFuzz's Yarn Bombing Exhibition at the Honolulu Museum of Art's Spalding House. Pretty awesome yeah?! We thought so too.

The lei, saddle and letters were knit by our very own AchiPURLago and Aloha Knitter, Megan (Lilikoiknits on Ravelry), knit the QR code for us. They both did an amazing job!

You can find all the info about TheFuzz Exhibition in our Big Announcement post here. As well as on the Museum's Exhibitions page here.

We invite you to visit Spalding House, our work will be up through July 14th. You can come hang out with us this weekend too. Saturday, June 16th, from 12pm–4pm. We will be offering a yarn bombing workshop! And Sunday, June 17th, from 2pm–4pm. We will be hosting a lecture on yarn bombing and our work. We hope you can join us!

Photo credit: ArchiPURLago

And The BIG Announcement is...

 Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House got YARN BOMBED by TheFuzz!

In conjunction with the second annual International Yarn Bombing Day—June 9th, 2012, Honolulu's inaugural yarn bombing crew, ArchiPURLago, Granny² and Hanasaurusrex, a.k.a. TheFuzz, and their super crew of volunteers and contributors, tagged the gardens of Spalding House.

Representing knit and crochet, traditional and contemporary, funky and fab, we've gone from the teeny tiny to the larger than life, and we'd love to share it with you!

You can come visit TheFuzz yarn bombs anytime in June and through Art Spree in July, 2012. 

Every Wednesday and Thursday in June from 2–4pm TheFuzz founders will be at Spalding House for Sit & Knit and we'd love it if you came by to hang out! If you're a knitter or crocheter, bring a project. If you've never knit or crocheted in your life, that's okay, just bring yourself and we'll answer any questions you may have or if you're down for it, we'll show you how!

We will also be hosting a yarn bombing workshop and lecture this weekend, June 16–17th. See below for details.

June 16th, 2012—Yarn Bombing Workshop, 12pm–4pm
We'll have various tools of the trade to show and a project you can make to yarn bomb yourself!

June 17th, 2012—Yarn Bombing Lecture, 2pm–4pm
Come learn about yarn bombing from ArchiPURLago, Granny² and Hanasaurusrex. We'd love to meet you!

July 14th, 2012—Art Spree—Pom Pom Bomb, 10am–4pm
TheFuzz will be at Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House's annual art-and-performance family fun day making pom poms to yarn-bomb.

The Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House
2411 Makiki Heights Drive
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96822

If you're not familiar with Spalding House, In July 2011, The Contemporary Museum gifted its collection and assets to the Honolulu Academy of Arts, merging the two museums.

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Big Project Progress!

Wow! "That's a ton-o-yarn," you say! Well, you'd be right. Stay tuned for the big announcement! This project's going down, err... up, rather, in just a few days!

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Pow Wow Hawaii 2012 | Part II

Here are more pics from Pow Wow Hawaii. I just loooove how the Meter Monster turned out and the Spicket Dragon too! I'm a big fan of Amigurumi, and I made these the same way I would have made them if they were going to be stuffed... I guess they are stuffed; they're stuffed with metal. I think it's rad that they are now covered in something soft and fuzzy ;)

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Pow Wow Hawaii 2012 | Part I

I had to sneak in on the all the fun going down during Pow Wow Hawaii this year. Pow Wow Hawaii is a global art event created and lead by Jasper Wong. The website describes Pow Wow as, "... a gathering of contemporary artists that engages with the broader community in the process and creation of art." This year they had over 50 artists, mostly with graffiti/street art backgrounds, from around the world come and do they're amazing mural magic all over the Kakaako district here in Honolulu. I thought it was fantastic... you can see for yourself.

I created several yarn bombs, this one was made up of about 60+ granny squares all sewn together to cover the city "bike" lock in front of Fresh Cafe and Loft in Space. 60 granny squares may not seem like a lot, but factor in that I made them—and my other yarn bombs—all in less than a week, and I'd say that I must have been working some magic of my own!

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Just Some Granny Square Love

And this was only half of them!

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3 Texas Bombs

Well hello officer :)
Just added a little greenery to my hometown, Houston, while I was home for the holidays. 
I bombed a spam-knitsubi while I was in Houston for AchiPURLago.
And I had to add my two cents outside my favorite toy store in Austin, Texas, Toy Joy.

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Kokua Market Yarn Storming

In October 2011 we were allowed to yarn bomb the outdoor lounge of a local co-op, Kokua Market.

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