Pow Wow Hawaii 2012 | Part I

I had to sneak in on the all the fun going down during Pow Wow Hawaii this year. Pow Wow Hawaii is a global art event created and lead by Jasper Wong. The website describes Pow Wow as, "... a gathering of contemporary artists that engages with the broader community in the process and creation of art." This year they had over 50 artists, mostly with graffiti/street art backgrounds, from around the world come and do they're amazing mural magic all over the Kakaako district here in Honolulu. I thought it was fantastic... you can see for yourself.

I created several yarn bombs, this one was made up of about 60+ granny squares all sewn together to cover the city "bike" lock in front of Fresh Cafe and Loft in Space. 60 granny squares may not seem like a lot, but factor in that I made them—and my other yarn bombs—all in less than a week, and I'd say that I must have been working some magic of my own!

 ✂ ❤ ✌

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