Behind The Wall

On September 20, 2012, ArchiPURLago and I headed over to Kaka'ako for the Behind The Wall fundraiser for 808 Urban (where we met up with fellow yarnstormer HollyGoKnitly). ArchiPURLago offered up "SPAM kit-subis" containing a ring, wristband/coffee cup sleeve, and ready-to-go spamKNITsubi yarnbomb, while HollyGoKnitly helped me get a set of crocheted "diamondback" sleeves onto a BikeBike rack (in front of R&D), and then she crocheted up a hyperbolic coral yarnbomb. NaPURLeon Complex was also there (you can see photos she took here) although I left too early to meet up with her and see the spamKNITsubi and hyperbolic coral yarnbombs get installed. It was great having yarnbombing represented at a street art fundraiser! 

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